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Tawarruq Home Financing-i  Facility for Residential Properties (Individual or Corporate)

For general public or corporate (Malaysian)

Maximum Financing

90% of the cost or valuation of the property whichever is the less.

Maximum Payment Period

35 years subject to age plus repayment tenure not exceeding 70 years.

Apply Now
Application Form – Public (PDF)

Profit Rate (monthly rest)

6.75% per annum for cost or valuation of property RM100,000.00 & below.
7.50% per annum for cost or valuation of property RM100,001.00 & above.

* Special packages for 5.5% per annum for 1st 3 years available.

* The Company reserves the right to vary the above information, terms & conditions from time to time without assigning any reason whatsoever.

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