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Management Notice on Automatic Moratorium on Repayments/Payments of Loans/Financing

In response to the announcement by Bank Negara Malaysia on 24 March 2020 in relation to the deferment of monthly repayment/payment for housing loan or home financing facilities, we would like to inform that a six-month moratorium will be automatically granted to our customers, subject to meeting the following criteria:

  • Loans/financing not in arrears exceeding 90 days as at 01 April 2020.
  • Not under the subsidised housing loan/home financing scheme for State Government Officers, including staff of Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities and Government Agencies.

The moratorium will take effect from 01 April 2020 to 30 September 2020. After the end of six (6) months, your monthly repayments/payments will resume.

Customers do not need to call in or visit our offices to submit any documents to apply for this deferment, as we will be able to complete the process automatically for you.

For our State Government Officers, including staff of Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities and Government Agencies, we wish to inform that we have also extended the six-month moratorium to your accounts. Please click the FAQ link below for details:

FAQ: Six-Month Repayment / Payment Moratorium for Government Officers’ Housing Loan / Financing Scheme

For our Corporate Customers who are having Bridging, Revolving and Term loans, please contact our Corporate Finance staff if your company wish to opt in for this repayment deferment.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Note: For customers who wish to continue paying the monthly repayment/ payment during the moratorium period, please do so and your payments will be credited to your housing loan/ home financing account accordingly.

This notice is issued by
Borneo Housing Mortgage Finance Berhad



Our operating hours are as follows:

Collection Office:
8.30am – 4.00pm

General Office:
8.00am – 5.00pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

For enquiries please call:

Collection Office ( 088-238830 – EXT 162/163 )
Mdm K.F. Chong ( 088-238830 – EXT 222 )
Mobile No. : 016-9802720
Email :

Mdm. Lai ( 082-512888 – EXT 100 )
Mobile No. : 013-8015510
Email :

Customers are encouraged to make payment to us by the following methods:

For Sabah:

1. Internet banking :

2. Malayan Banking Bhd., Karamunsing
KK – Account No. 5101-4300-4411

3. AmBank (M) Bhd.
KK – Account No. 0102-0110-4479 (Conventional), 8881-0238-22492 (Islamic)


4. JomPAY
KK – Biller code: 96339 (Conventional), 96388 (Islamic)

Note: Please state your name and loan account no. for all payment to us so that we can credit the payment to your account.

Please WhatsApp your bank-in slip to HP. No. 012-7168801

For Sarawak:

1. Internet banking :

2. Malayan Banking Bhd.
KCH – Account No. 511038111714

3. Hong Leong Bank Bhd.
KCH – Account No. 25600005819

4. CIMB Bank
KCH – Account No. 8005074604

5. AmBank (M) Berhad
KCH – Account No. 8881028830054 (Conventional), 8881024506859 (Islamic)

6. JomPAY
KCH Biller Code: 27342 (Conventional), 37200 (Islamic)

Please WhatsApp your bank-in slip to HP. No. 013-8015510

Manager for subsidised home financing schemes under the Sabah & Sarawak state governments & statutory bodies.

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Main Products & Services Offers:

Home Financing (Conventional & Islamic) Scheme for State Civil Servants and Employees of State Government Agencies and Statutory Bodies.

The Company is authorised to offer home financing to state civil servants in Sabah and Sarawak under the State Government Home Financing Scheme.

Similar facility is extended to employee of state government agencies and statutory bodies.

Public Sector Home Financing

Public Sector Home Financing

For purchase of house on flexible terms.
Fixed Deposits And Savings Account

Fixed Deposits and Savings Account

Fixed Deposits and Savings accounts at attractive interest rates.
Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Financing the purchase of commercial properties.
Corporate Financing

Corporate Financing

Financing property development.

New Products & Services:

Home financing schemes under the Sabah & Sarawak state governments & statutory bodies.
Tawarruq Home Financing

Tawarruq Home Financing

Tawarruq Term Deposits

Tawarruq Term Deposits

Wadiah Savings

Wadiah Savings


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