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Fixed Deposit

Our company accepts monies placed in fixed deposits from the governments, statutory bodies, corporations, associations, co-operatives, societies, other body-corporates as well as private individuals.

We offer attractive interest rates to our depositors. Our rates shown below are effective from 10th November, 2022.

TenureTier 1
Rate (% p.a.)
TenureTier 2
Rate (% p.a.)
1 month2.501 month2.25
2 months2.502 months2.25
3 months2.553 months2.30
4 months2.554 months2.30
5 months2.555 months2.30
6 months2.606 months2.35
7 months2.607 months2.35
8 months2.608 months2.35
9 months2.659 months2.40
10 months2.6510 months2.40
11 months2.6511 months2.40
12 months2.7012 months2.45
>12 monthsNegotiable>12 monthsNegotiable

* Deposits for Tenure other than as listed may be accepted subject to confirmation from our Company’s Management


(1) Tier 1 is applicable to deposits from individual member of the public and staff only.

(2) Tier 2 is applicable to deposits from shareholders, financial institutions, corporations, political parties, associations, clubs, societies, religious organizations, schools and all other depositors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, subject to any currency and other restriction imposed by the Government from time to time. Deposit interest shall, however, be subjected to withholding tax.

Depositors shall be required to complete signature specimen card and certain other documents available at our offices and place an initial deposit of at least RM500 (RM5,000 for 1 month deposit). Depositors other than individuals shall need to provide proof of authority for deposit placement, e.g. board resolution for company.

For deposits with tenure below 12 months, interest is paid upon maturity. For deposits above 12 months, interest is paid half yearly.

Yes, senior citizens who are aged 55 and above at the time of placement of the fixed deposit will be given 0.25% above the board rate for the appropriate tenure.

No, due to recent changes in banking industry practices, we would only accept the cheque if the cheque is issued to Borneo Housing Mortgage Finance Bhd. (Applicable to Kuching Branch only).

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