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Savings Accounts

In an effort to encourage savings, our company welcomes all private individuals to open savings accounts with us.

We offer attractive interest rates on savings accounts. Rates are uniform irrespective of balance of accounts, unlike savings accounts offered by most financial institutions.

Our current savings interest rate is 1.5% computed on daily-rest basis with effective from 2nd February, 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, subject to any currency and other restriction imposed by the Government from time to time. Savings interest shall, however, be subjected to withholding tax.

RM500.00 for new customer, or RM50.00 for those who also have fixed deposit account with us.

As we are not a full-fledge banking institution, we do not provide ATM services at the moment.

RM5,000.00 for cash withdrawal per day. If the amount withdrawn exceeds RM5,000.00, we would pay out by cheque to the depositor.

No, due to recent changes in banking industry practices, any cheque that is received for deposit to your account with our company must be issued to Borneo Housing Mortgage Finance Berhad. (Applicable to Kuching Branch only.)

Any Inquiry? Let's Talk.

We welcome any and all suggestions, so leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

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