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S Pay Global

Please make your payment according to QR code types (Conventional Housing Loans or Islamic Home Financing).

1. Conventional Housing Loan (Sarawak)

2. Islamic Home Financing (Sarawak)

S Pay Global FAQ

Payment Method:

1. Scan QR code.
2. Make Payment.
3. Add your Borrower’s Name, MyKad Number, Loan Account Number, & Purpose of Payment¬†on the remark entry.


1. To avoid any late payment status on our financial system, avoid making payment on the last day of the calendar month.
2. Funds transfer between S Pay Global takes 2 working days.
3. S Pay Global payment method only applies to Sarawak.
3. Please WhatsApp your S Pay Global receipt to BHMFB (HP. No. 011-5171 6160).

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