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About Us

At Borneo Housing, we offer home end financing. We are the principal agent appointed by the State Government of Sabah and Sarawak to provide and manage housing financing for the civil servants in the two States including employees of Government agencies and statutory bodies.

We also provide end financing for purchases of commercial building.

To complement the end financing activity, we also provide bridging, term and revolving loan facility to qualified developers/contractors of acceptable housing/construction projects.

Welcome to Borneo Housing Mortgage Finance Berhad


To be the most trusted state-owned Financial Institution.



To promote home ownership by providing long term financing to acceptable qualified house purchasers.

Historical Background

Borneo Housing Mortgage Finance Berhad was incorporated on 10th December 1958 in Sarawak as a public company in the name of Borneo Housing Development Limited. It started as a joint venture between the Sarawak State Government and the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC). In October 1959, the Sabah State Government joined in as a shareholder. Subsequently, the Two State Governments bought over the shareholding of CDC, which then became equal shareholders of the Company.

Company’s Status

The Company is classified as a ‘scheduled institution’ under the Banking And Financial Institutions Act, 1989. Being a State-Owned company, it enjoys the following status/exemptions: –
  • It has been exempted by the Ministry of Finance on the recommendation of Bank Negara Malaysia from obtaining a licence under Section 7(4) of the Finance Companies Act 1969;
  • It has been accorded the status of approved company under the EPF Ordinance, 1976. The status enables it to borrow from the Employees Provident Fund;
  • It has been accorded by the Ministry of Finance on the recommendation of Bank Negara Malaysia the status of prescribed corporation under the Companies Act 1965. This enables it to accept deposits from the public without having to issue a prospectus.

Sarawak Gazette, 28 February 1959
Sarawak State Library,

Capital Structure

The authorised and paid-up share capital of the Company is as follows: –

Ordinary Shares RM 146.0 million RM 126.4 million
Preference SharesRM 54.0 million
RM 200.0 million RM 126.4 million


The shareholders and their respective shareholdings are as follows: –

ShareholdersAmountPercent %
Sarawak Financial Secretary IncorporatedRM 63.2 million50%
Qhazanah Sabah BerhadRM 63.2 million50%
RM 126.4 million100%

Qhazanah Sabah Berhad is wholly owned by the Sabah State Government.

Board of Directors

The present members of the Company’s Board of Directors are: –
Tan Sri Datuk Amar (Dr.) Hj. Abdul Aziz Bin Hj. Husain

– Chairman

Datuk Bolkiah Bin Ismail
Datu Hasmawati Binti Sapawi
Datu Hajah Elean Binti Masa’at
Encik Ahmad Rizal Bin Dahli
Tuan Mohd Faizal Bin Mohd Tahir


The management of the Company consists of its Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managers as well as the Head of Departments. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the overall affair and implementation of the policies of the Company as decided by the Board.

Financial Reports

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